I honestly can’t tell what kind of expression the mustachioed

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I honestly can’t tell what kind of expression the mustachioed man has. His eyebrows say discontent but his lips and nose say peaked interest. I love it.
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I made this yesterday, and it’s super easy. But when I used it this AM, I found it way to greasy for me. I did not use the arrowroot option. I used almond and avocado oils as my liquid oils. I’m wondering if it’s possible to melt more cocoa butter and add it to my already whipped batch, or if you have other ideas for how I might make my current batch less greasy. I’d hate to waste the whole batch, but I’m unlikely to use the batch as is. Any other ideas?
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Someone bought the stone church , when it no longer was a church, for themselves.I went to church there sometimes when I was a kid. It was a more modern church inside,lots of wood, not ornate like the Balta church. As for the steeples, I know the one in Silva in in the Silva Cemetary. They take them off and put them in the cemetaries. Think it is the same for Fillmore, I think.
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